The Eight Circles of Hell–Urban Modern Day Edition


The First Circle

A hardwood floor room you have to eternally traverse barefoot that someone swept up a broken wineglass from three months ago, and there's still a tiny splinter left.

The Second Circle

Trying to browse Wikipedia, but every link you click generates yet another pop-behind browser advert.

The Third Circle

Filled with people who are all typing essays you have to edit, who are misusing the words irregardless, their/they're, your and you're continuously.

The Fourth Circle

…is devoted to cupboards of spice jars with less than a pinch left in the bottom.


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A Change in Protocol

So a while back I had my genes sequenced by 23andme (I got Darci’s sequenced too), and given that I’m starting to really worry about my long term heart disease prospects (thanks, genes), I decided to start digging into the details.


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Sound bites and Context–The Danger is that Two Can Play This Game…

Context is important. Sound-bite quotes taken out of context, like "You didn't build that" are vile, and completely destroy debate - and meaning.

For example, on Meet The Press today, Mitt Romney said - and this is a direct quote – “You're not going to see us create the jobs we need to create or the rising incomes people need.”


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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Child A Smartphone If You’re On AT&T…

So a while back I decided to buy my daughter a cellphone. She’s 20, and we figured that it’d be a great way for us all to stay in touch. Except before we did that, I wanted to make sure that she couldn’t accidentally run up a huge bill. After all, I’m paying the freight on this – so I didn’t want her to be able to accidentally purchase things she shouldn’t on my credit card, or go over her 300MB data-plan limit.


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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet’s Camera System

If you’re at all interested in the hardcore gubbins of how to build a game, you could do a lot worse than visiting Michel Gagne’s blog, which has an amazing video on how to implement an intelligent camera system. (more...)

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