Sound bites and Context–The Danger is that Two Can Play This Game…

Context is important. Sound-bite quotes taken out of context, like "You didn't build that" are vile, and completely destroy debate - and meaning.

For example, on Meet The Press today, Mitt Romney said - and this is a direct quote – “You're not going to see us create the jobs we need to create or the rising incomes people need.”

He also said “you're going to see chronic high unemployment continue for another four years or longer. You're going to see low wage growth if any growth at all. And of course there'll always be this fiscal calamity at our doorstep, a crisis potential at our doorstep the kind that you're seeing in-- in Europe today. I-- I have-- there's no question in my mind”.

Similarly, Ann and Mitt have a “credibility” gap in that they are seen as completely not getting the suffering of most ordinary Americans due to their vast wealth.

Ann Romney was along for the ride with Mitt today, and confirmed this today, saying - and again, this is a direct quote – “We're not suffering like they're suffering”.

This is why context is important. How many of you will now go check out the actual video or transcripts to find out what was actually said, and parse it for meaning?

Next time someone tells you that Obama's claiming business owners didn't build their businesses, tell them the absolute verbatim truth in return: Romney has admitted he won't create jobs or rising incomes if elected. Because you know what? Taking the high ground doesn't seem to work.

In other news, Romney – again, a direct quote, and this time NOT taken out of context, said this today on Meet The Press:

“I want to become president of the United States to get this country on the right track again.  America is at a critical crossroads.  We have to strengthen the foundation of our economy, of our values, of our principles so we have a military that's so strong we can defend freedom for ourselves and for others.

Welcome to endless war, and war with Iran. American Imperialism is back, and these are the seeds. George W. Bush 2.0, please, take a bow.

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