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It's snowing really hard

Heard on Monday on the weather report on the radio:

"I came out of the University of Washington on foot, and the snow was coming down so hard it was coming down in pellets!"

I just wanted to call said newsreporter and tell her "We have a word for that, dearie... it's called Hail."


New Job: Nursery Rhyme Defusal Expert

I've decided to create a new job position for myself. Namely, that of nursery rhyme defusal expert.

It's quite simple. It's like a bomb defusal expert, but not quite as bloody, firey or messy if it all goes horribly wrong and I cut the wrong wire.

For example, I can take a dangerous nursery rhyme like Old Macdonald, and completely defuse it with one simple snip.

Old MacDonald Had Some Vowels


See? It's now safe for everyone to use and makes perfect sense. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.