New Tattoo...

Ok, not just a new tattoo, but my first ever tattoo. And frankly, it freakin' rocks.

I went in with my own design and got Thomas (who works at Super Genius Tattoo in Seattle - and I can highly recommend his work) to come up with his own version of it.

It's beautiful, and I'm really happy with it. The symbolism, I leave for you to guess - for now.

Five hours in the chair, tons of pain, but it's worth it. It's frankly completely and utterly gorgeous.

I'll post my design for it some time soon.


It's snowing really hard

Heard on Monday on the weather report on the radio:

"I came out of the University of Washington on foot, and the snow was coming down so hard it was coming down in pellets!"

I just wanted to call said newsreporter and tell her "We have a word for that, dearie... it's called Hail."


Ice and Snow!

I've never done donuts in a car before.


Winter's here in Seattle, and it rocks. I've taken my new Subaru WRX Impreza Sport Limited Wagon around to a few parking lots tonight with my friend Aydin, and we wellied it around.

It spun 720 degrees.

It spun and then slid sideways.

It slid and spun all over the place.

It was AWESOME. And probably the best education a driver can get for winter weather driving. There were only a couple of Oh Shit moments where we nearly hit lamp-posts in the parking lots too.

Apparently I was all kinds of scared when we first started, but I relaxed immediately once I got the hang of it. Aydin's been doing this since he started driving, so he's an old pro. (Although he did scare the bejeezus out of me a couple of times).

Anyway... er... yeah. I loved it :)

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My music

OK, I'll probably never live down the embarassment, but here's a link to a couple of finished tunes I've put together.

Well, kind of finished. The first one is as finished as it's ever going to get - because it's meant to be unfinished. I wrote it for a friend of mine who checked out of life at the beginning of this year.

The other one? Welllllll... let's just say it's my only ever attempt at rap. And frankly, I'm beginning to think I just don't have the chops for rap :) Not my thing, perhaps. Who knows? As for the subject matter, it's a long long story. And even though my sister swears otherwise, the lyrics are "Crack Whore like you, sitting in my car, don't know where you're going but you won't get very far". Not "Crack Whore like you, sitting on my cock". Sheesh. Claire - take a bow.

(I may post the full story that I'm telling in the song up here at some point in the future... and yes, it does involve a crack whore. And no, I wasn't so hard up that I needed to visit one).

I need to get back into music again. I've got two guitars I can basically just about finger pick - no chords - and a synth that's sitting in my bedroom basically up on bricks. (I use the synth as midi input to FL Studio Pro XXL - the first track's sax is a really good soundfont I downloaded from somewhere, and played freeform on the keyboard.

Of course, I can't really play the synth, but heck, it's a lot of fun and makes for a nice distraction from my day job. I should really crack all these discarded toys out again and start playing with them.

The guitars? I've got a Squirer Stratocaster I bought at the Experience Music Project on a whim, and an acoustic that I got to replace one that I destroyed to make a short film. It's a pretty basic one from Guitar Center.

The Strat appears to get quite a bit of fret noise, but I have no idea how to fix that.

I've also got a Line 6 POD - which rocks - and a harmonica. I picked up a rainstick, a set of pan pipes and a recorder while I was in Peru too.

Why do I have all these instruments when I can't play them? Because it's fun to try :)

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Want to avoid anxiety? Drink more fluids

Here's something I really should remember, but often don't.

If you want to avoid getting anxious, avoid panic attacks, avoid feeling depressed...

... drink more water. Heck, drink some Gatorade - it'll restore your electrolytes too. But mostly drink more water.

It's a stupidly simple thing. And so easy to forget. But if you're bouncing around on nearly empty, it'll make any bad feelings you're having worse. So drink plenty of fluids - at least 8 glasses of water a day.

And feel better.


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