Ice and Snow!

I've never done donuts in a car before.


Winter's here in Seattle, and it rocks. I've taken my new Subaru WRX Impreza Sport Limited Wagon around to a few parking lots tonight with my friend Aydin, and we wellied it around.

It spun 720 degrees.

It spun and then slid sideways.

It slid and spun all over the place.

It was AWESOME. And probably the best education a driver can get for winter weather driving. There were only a couple of Oh Shit moments where we nearly hit lamp-posts in the parking lots too.

Apparently I was all kinds of scared when we first started, but I relaxed immediately once I got the hang of it. Aydin's been doing this since he started driving, so he's an old pro. (Although he did scare the bejeezus out of me a couple of times).

Anyway... er... yeah. I loved it :)

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