New side project...

I've decided to say, well, frankly, screw it and throw my hat in the ring for the Web2.0 social media kinda thing.

So I've started up a site - pyrogrya (catchy name, huh?) that will eventually blossom into a wonderful social media networking site that you can all enjoy.

Why am I doing this?

Because frankly, it doesn't seem that hard to do. And there's a project I've wanted to tackle for about 7 years now (on various devices) that since finally getting smartphones that can handle 3G no longer makes any sense whatsoever to do as a desktop or smartphone app. I can stick it on the web, and in fact, its usefulness should grow exponentially.

What is it?

Can't tell you yet. I want it to be somewhat of a surprise when it goes live. But I guarantee that a lot of you will find it handy. And heck, if I don't give too much away, it won't be so much of a pain when it doesn't go anywhere just like the rest of my side projects do.

Still, here we go. I bought a site, created a logo, and have started writing the database schema... this should be interesting :)

Developer blog can be found here.


Get 'em while they're hot - Weighted Companion Cubes!

Woohoo! Valve has released Weighted Companion Cubes for you to buy!... and to celebrate this event, I (ahem) wrote a song...

[To the tune of Jonathon Coulton's Still Alive...]

Aperture science
We sell you our cubes because we can
To the people out there who
Liked Portal…

They’re really quite awesome
We made them from felt and bits of fluff
Buy one right now straight from us
Maybe wear one on your head…

If you buy one today we will throw in a rake
And a catalytic cracker and maybe some cake
If you only buy one
We still have half a ton
For the people who still want to buy…

They’re really quite fluffy
Buy two and hang them in your car
Right above your dashboard it’s so sexy.
Or use them as keychains.
And jangle them with your keys, ha-ha.
Show them to your friends because they’ll be so happy for you

Now these faux companions are a beautiful sight
If you need a quick gift they’re the best you will find
And we know that you’ve yearned to get one but were spurned
Quickly buy now for two-nine-ninety five.

Go ahead and buy one
You know you can’t help it, so buy five
Maybe you can build a wall with Velcro.
Could make a fort too
Just buy several hundred ha-ha, ha-ha
Anyway, these cubes are great
They’re just so friendly and warm.

Look at them they’re light grey with bits of pink too
If we had any male ones they would have bits of blue
And we could breed them by the tonne
Or we could breed them just for fun
Sell them for twenty nine ninety five…

Sell them all twenty nine ninety five

Buy them right now twenty nine ninety five

Squishy not plastic twenty nine ninety five

They will run out twenty nine ninety five

Ninety five…


5 Minutes of Cloverfield

Cloverfield - the new movie from JJ Abrams (creator of LOST) is looking spectacular. Here's 5 minutes of footage...

And meanwhile on the LOST front... a new teaser about the Orchid station:

And there's a new season 4 teaser trailer too...


Script Writing Posts You May Have Missed...

Over the years I've written a few posts on scriptwriting that you might find interesting and/or useful. Here's a list of the best ones - check them out!

  • Rules for Writing High Trajedy
    A list of guidelines for what makes high trajedy, as opposed to just tragedy.

  • Rules for writing Teen Movies
    All of the elements that a classic teen movie needs, with examples

  • Not Quite Teen Movies
    When is a teen movie not really a teen movie? When it breaks convention. Here's a list of a few anti teen movies that might take your fancy

  • Movie Subtext Analysis Quiz
    Ferris Bueller... who is he really? The answer might be different than what you might expect, because Ferris Bueller's Day Off isn't really a teen movie...

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Bit of a clean up...

You probably won't notice this if you're reading this blog through a feed reader, but I'm making some improvements to the blog... you know, tidying up the layout, putting a lick of paint on the graphics, that kind of thing.

I'm also fixing a few more broken bits & pieces. On the whole, it's looking much better, but my frustration with the pure crapularity of CSS is just killing me.

It shouldn't be this hard to put together a nice layout. And you certainly shouldn't need to code it by hand. What year is this anyway? 1994?

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