New side project...

I've decided to say, well, frankly, screw it and throw my hat in the ring for the Web2.0 social media kinda thing.

So I've started up a site - pyrogrya (catchy name, huh?) that will eventually blossom into a wonderful social media networking site that you can all enjoy.

Why am I doing this?

Because frankly, it doesn't seem that hard to do. And there's a project I've wanted to tackle for about 7 years now (on various devices) that since finally getting smartphones that can handle 3G no longer makes any sense whatsoever to do as a desktop or smartphone app. I can stick it on the web, and in fact, its usefulness should grow exponentially.

What is it?

Can't tell you yet. I want it to be somewhat of a surprise when it goes live. But I guarantee that a lot of you will find it handy. And heck, if I don't give too much away, it won't be so much of a pain when it doesn't go anywhere just like the rest of my side projects do.

Still, here we go. I bought a site, created a logo, and have started writing the database schema... this should be interesting :)

Developer blog can be found here.

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