Hmmm… Not bad for about 3 hours work…


So this is the start of my first ever Windows 8 Metro project, using the default project templates from Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate, populating all of its data live from Digg.

That was deceptively easy. Hmmm… I can easily see spending several weeks polishing it up (and I still have issues with a horizontally scrolling page instead of a vertical one; it goes against every UI instinct I have). But all in all… not bad at all :)


Did Color Vision evolve from Music?

So I'm writing up some research for work, and I suddenly had an idea hit me like a bolt of lightning.

Color vision evolved way after our ability to hear; if you look at all of our nearest neighbors and ancestors, they have worse color vision than we do. (more...)

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Site Theme Changing - Please Ignore Any Bad Visuals :)

Changing the site theme... This may take a minute to work out the bugs, so please ignore any issues you may see. Working on it!

If I don't get it done soon, I may temporarily move back to the old theme :)


All done! Well, there's some tweaking that still needs to happen, but the site theme is all in and done and dusted. (I've never written a Wordpress theme before, and while this is still a hacked up version of the twentyten theme, it's quite quite different at this point. Salut! :)

#accidental scientist
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Dance Central Fitness Experiment–End of Week 1 Report

So it’s now been a week since I started my little exercise adventure (okay, I posted my first article on Sunday, but I started actually doing it last Wednesday).

When I first posted, my weight was 199lbs. Body fat percentage, according to my handy-dandy scales-cum-tricorder was 28%. I will warn you right now that I’ve discovered that it’s pretty inaccurate unless you weigh yourself a couple of times to see where it lands, and I didn’t know that at the start, so it might be 2-3lbs too high.


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Dear Democratic Party… Please Stop [email protected](*&#@# Calling Me

I’m going to tell you a little story. I wish I didn’t have to tell it, but after receiving phone calls from the Democrats asking for political campaign donations two or three times a day for the past several months, I’m done. Toast. Finito. Seriously, at this point? Fuck them.


#rants, #democrats, #fund raising, #spammers
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