Site Theme Changing - Please Ignore Any Bad Visuals :)

Changing the site theme... This may take a minute to work out the bugs, so please ignore any issues you may see. Working on it!

If I don't get it done soon, I may temporarily move back to the old theme :)


All done! Well, there's some tweaking that still needs to happen, but the site theme is all in and done and dusted. (I've never written a Wordpress theme before, and while this is still a hacked up version of the twentyten theme, it's quite quite different at this point. Salut! :)

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Simon Cooke is an occasional video game developer, ex-freelance journalist, screenwriter, film-maker, musician, and software engineer in Seattle, WA.

The views posted on this blog are his and his alone, and have no relation to anything he's working on, his employer, or anything else and are not an official statement of any kind by them (and barely even one by him most of the time).

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