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How To Give Your Kids Great Eyesight

I had a sneaky suspicion about this... but my version was because in bright sunlight, your pupil becomes a pinprick, giving you a pinhole camera. Thus training your visual system with a nice, sharp image, regardless of how immature your eyeball might be. (more...)

Lucid Dreaming On A Plane…

So I was flying to the East Coast of America for work this week, and I had an interesting experience. I got up way earlier than normal, and was glad to get some sleep on the flight. Except I kept waking up.

Somehow, I got stuck in a half-awake/half-asleep state which wasn’t exactly lucid dreaming, but was pretty close.

Whenever I closed my eyes, I could see swimming, hi-def visuals. A full-on rotating 3D geometric, cartoon style (with line-art, and flat shading) tower with spinning sections, all in oranges, blacks and white.

Kind of like something that The Designers Republic might dream up, or something from ye olde home computer Demo Scene. A bit monochrome, but literally real. Slightly ghostly, in that I could tell I was dreaming, but it was certainly more solid than the visuals I usually get when I daydream.

There was a little turbulence on the flight. This is where it gets interesting.


I’m not lazy – I’m just sleepy

There was a big debate on a videogame industry board I inhabit recently about night-owl vs. lark types (also known as chronotypes). This is a debate I’ve had with many people over the years, over and over again, and it typically takes this shape:

Why can’t you get to work at 10am? I:

  • Have no problem waking up at 4am every morning, fit as a fiddle… or…
  • Am a night-owl myself, and have trained myself to get up every morning – deal with it

… or many variations of the above.

So I did some research (and others did some research), and the upshot is that – as I expected – quite a large number of people in the video game industry are night owls if you do the right rigorous questionnaire and answer truthfully. Larger than the normal population by about 10%, in fact. And if you include the mostly night-owlish people with the extreme night-owls, that number goes up even higher.


Susan G. Komen Foundation Drops Funding for Planned Parenthood

The Susan G. Komen Foundation is no longer helping to fund breast screenings for women who need them at Planned Parenthood. This is quite insane (after all, they’re a breast cancer charity), horrible, and apparently incredibly politically motivated - their new VP is Karen Handel, a vociferous anti-Choice, anti-Planned Parenthood Conservative activist. What’s sad is that of all of Planned Parenthood’s services, only 3% are abortion related. The rest? Oh, little things like breast-cancer screenings for low-income women. Nothing important, or anything that the Susan G. Komen foundation might want to … you know… support. (more...)