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Stupid Human Tricks: Rotating Eyeballs

Did you know…

When you tilt your head from side to side, your eyeballs rotate to stay level?

No, seriously.

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7 Responses to Stupid Human Tricks: Rotating Eyeballs

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  2. MT C says:

    I don’t think so, otherwise you would lose track of what was ‘up’ as indicated by your inner ear(?)

  3. Simon Cooke says:

    Actually the rotation is driven by your vestibular system.

  4. MT C says:

    Really? You wouldn’t kid an old dog, would ya!

    MT C

    • Simon Cooke says:

      Seriously! Here’s the deep info on how it works:

      • MT C says:

        OK, I believe you. I see it now. Hahahahaha! Sometimes I just kill me.

        I wonder why other don’t get it?

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