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Statins, Cholesterol… Yeah… About that…

So I have said on a number of occasions that I have a rich butter slurry running through my veins. Yep, I have bad cholesterol – although it’s been improving over the past year, to the point where it’s still high but at least the HDL/LDL ratio is getting better. Mainly by doing – so far as I can tell – three things:

  • Switching from Half & Half in coffee to Whole Milk at home and 2% milk at work
  • Losing weight (which surprisingly mostly happened due to the first change, and removing sugar from my coffee)
  • Reducing the amount of carbs that I eat

I haven’t shifted to a low fat diet (how exactly do you do that and have a low carb diet and eat nothing but roasted turkey/fish and spinach… not that I’m opposed to that, but…?)


Halloween Cometh...

Not usually one for the explicit fanboi cosplay kinda thing, but this year Darci and I are going as Amy Pond (Policewoman kissogram costume) and Rory Williams (Roman Centurion).


A Change in Protocol

So a while back I had my genes sequenced by 23andme (I got Darci’s sequenced too), and given that I’m starting to really worry about my long term heart disease prospects (thanks, genes), I decided to start digging into the details.