Halloween Cometh...

Not usually one for the explicit fanboi cosplay kinda thing, but this year Darci and I are going as Amy Pond (Policewoman kissogram costume) and Rory Williams (Roman Centurion).

Thanks, BBC, for making this so difficult by actually putting Amy in a real police officer uniform instead of a real police kissogram costume! Grrr...

Either way, this is shaping up pretty nicely. One Ranger jacket from an Army Navy surplus store acts as a stand-in for the stab vest, and various bits and pieces off Ebay make it look like the real deal - or at least, close enough for Halloween and most other purposes.



I’d kill for either a sewing machine or a hot glue gun right about now…

The hat is a basic cheapo felt bowler hat from a costume store – but either way it’s way better than the WPC hat costume piece I ordered from the UK, which arrived beaten and battered. Hat band is cotton checked fabric, measured cut and then folded with clothing adhesive tape to seal it, and then sealed after measuring.

The badge? It’s a real, authentic  London Met police badge. I’ve got a Dorset one which is more recent and looks flashier coming – this one I got to hedge my bets just in case.


And so, apart from getting Darci a white cotton blouse, her costume is now done! Open-mouthed smile

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