Popcorn Films – Going Down

I’m transferring the Popcornfilms.com domain from Register.com to GoDaddy.com (it’s much cheaper), and my hosting from Earthlink to GoDaddy as well.

(Well, what can I say? I already have hosting – eg. for this blog – from GoDaddy, so I may as well use more of the 20Gb of space that I’m only using 5% of right now).


  • Register.com is going to take 5 days to transfer the domain. Grrr.
  • Earthlink want me to speak to a Senior Customer Support Representative before they’ll let me cancel the hosting there. Double Grrrrrrr. Apparently they will call me back. They have not yet. (I sense a customer retention scam in the works… it almost makes me want to just cancel my whole account with them – although Darci’s mom uses the dial-up, so I can’t).

While I work on this, expect my email access at popcornfilms.com to be pretty damn spotty, and for the site to be periodically down. For the next week or so, please direct all emails to my gmail account, or my X-raykid email. Thanks!

So, in a fit of karmic retaliation, here’s what you should know (from my perspective) about Register.com and Earthlink’s web hosting services.


  • They charge a lot more than other services for the same thing.
  • More painful domain transfer process than anyone else (so far as I can see).
  • Make sure you turn off SafeRenew as part of your transfer housekeeping. Otherwise, they don’t appear to send you the support email. (It could just have taken two hours… but I doubt it).
  • The hard-to-find “Obtain Authorization Code” button is near the bottom of the page after you log in and click on the domain you want to transfer.


  • There isn’t much bad I can say here… they’re really quite good on the whole. However…
  • If you want to be able to send email and you’re on their hosting plan, you’re limited to either going via webmail, or using Earthlink as your ISP. No other solutions are available. Which is kind of retarded. You see, there’s these things called usernames and passwords which are supposed to help you do this kind of thing…
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