Vista Image Backup

So, my laptop has Vista Home Premium, and I'm starting to get bad sectors... so tomorrow is a Fry's trip day.

However, I'm sorely annoyed at the limitations in the backup as disk image technologies available to me.

Vista's Backup System

Vista has a built-in backup system. I'm running Vista Home Premium. This backup system will only backup my files; it won't create a backup image. Epic Fail.

To get the full-on disk imaging backup, apparently I need to upgrade to Vista Ultimate Edition. $139. That's pathetic. So on to my next option...

Norton Ghost

Ah, Ghost, how I loved thee. Your ability to create a boot disk I could use to backup pretty much any system as an image was legendary.

Unfortunately, the latest version (which works with Vista) no longer offers me that option. It runs while the system is up and running, backing up in the background using the Windows Shadow Volume Service to do its magic.

And it does so - on my work machine at least - while soaking up nearly all my CPU time and hanging.


So now I have to find something else to do the business. Wish me luck.

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Andrew wrote on Sunday, November 16, 2008:

From here:

Not tried it, but FOG might work:

Should run okay if your laptop has PXE, good luck :)

Simon Cooke wrote on Monday, November 17, 2008:

I actually ended up using Acronis - they have a free trial which is more than ample for what I need to do right now.

Although to be honest, I might not end up using that at all; the new laptop has Vista Ultimate, with the backup image creation tools enabled. Thank god.

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