Toshiba Laptop Recovery Blank Screen

So I got a new laptop today (my old one is dying; the hard drive has bad blocks, so rather than just buy a new hard drive, I decided to get a swankier model and give away the old laptop as a gift once I've had some time to sit down and repair it).

Unfortunately, the only one that BestBuy could sell me was one which already had been mutilated by the Geek Squad. Given that I have no idea what they did to it, it's off to System Recovery land to explore and find out.

Unfortunately, every time I tried a Recovery and then booted up, it failed. It'd get through the progress bar screen, and then stop working.

Safe mode? It'd stop after loading crcdisk.sys.

Four different attempts (and several hours of messing around later), I finally got it to work.

I took out the flash card that was in the drive.

Motto of the story: If you're doing a recovery and it doesn't work, make sure you've not got any PCMCIA cards, flash cards, USB thumb drives or anything else like that plugged in which aren't part of the original system.

It's either that which fixed it or the Startup Repair option (first one in the list when you do a System Recovery, not a Toshiba Recovery).

*sigh* It really shouldn't be this hard. Still, hopefully this will solve the problem for a bunch of other people out there who were seeing the same thing. Worth a shot before you start deleting driver files at least...

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