Writing Update

I wrote two more pages on the Little Miss Litty script today. About 10 more to go before I run out of my original material to work from. And then it's all new. And I finally have to figure out what the game the creature wants to play is.

I knew what the game was when I wrote the original story. Not any more though. That has disappeared to the winds of time. (I'm guessing that this is why writing a synopsis is a good thing - if you drop a story for a while, you can go back and pick up your original intent).

So now I have to come up with a new game for the creature to play. I've got some ideas that I'm toying with for that.

On the positive side, it's fascinating watching how the story changes as it moves from the original novel form to the cinematic realm. Thoughts and musings of characters have had to turn into dialogue between two characters. Scenes which worked great as prose (eg. the opening to the Litty in the mossy corridor scene) have had to be completely reworked and turned into entirely new sets of scenes - which all have their own inherent spookiness. And oddly, I don't think they'd have worked all that well as prose.

And frankly, I have to finish this one. My goal is to have the entire script done, redrafted, etc etc etc by December, ready to show to agents. We'll see.

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