Litty Takes Off...

Well well well... I'm out of original story, and now I'm totally on my own. My 1995-or-so self is no longer in control of this little shebang, and I'm up and rolling.

I've just finished putting together the elements of the plot that should take things all the way up to Act 3 of the film. I've deliberately kept it pretty vague so that I don't lose momentum. And I'm going to do it in stages - write chunks of synopsis, then write chunks of script - so that I don't hit my usual problem of knowing how a story ends and then losing interest in it.

Currently I'm sitting at the bottom of page 24. Litty is talking to other teachers about the drawings that Anna has been doing. And shit is about to go down.

11 pages and a road map of where the story's going to go today. Things are looking promising. Don't know if I can keep this pace up, but if I can... wooooo doggie. I'm either a third or a quarter of the way through. Let's say I get this all wrapped up by October... that gives me a couple of months for second and third drafts (I'll get my script reading crew on it at the second draft point), and then by December I should be ready to shop this mofo around.

Yay! All I have to do that is keep the momentum up now.

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