Microsoft Money for the Smartphone... Does Not Exist

I have a smartphone (it's a Cingular 3125). I love it. It's great for making sure I show up on time to all my meetings, and it helps keep my life in some kind of order.

There used to be - for the Pocket PC - a version of Money. This was great. I could sync up my PC with the Pocket PC and keep track of all my cash.

This does not exist for the Smartphone. I'm not sure if a version ever existed; if it did, it's certainly not one that works today.

Microsoft doesn't publish an API (or any advice) for how to sync MS Money with a Smartphone over Activesync. The only choice you have is to use the exchange files that they create for communicating online with banks that are behind the times, and/or exporting/importing data to and from Quicken.

Microsoft - please, guys, come on. Either open up an API for people to use to write a third party app, or take your Pocket PC version and port it to the Smartphone. I'm sure it would be easy for y'all to do, and a lot of people would be very grateful - myself especially.

Come on guys... you know you can do it...

Update: Hey, whaddya know? A third party (Ultrasoft) stepped into the void and (somehow, given that I have no idea where they got the docs to be able to do it) have produced a Smartphone compatible app that will sync with Microsoft Money. Hurrah. It only came out last month, so I guess that's why I didn't know about it.


Photo: Man On Fire

A little experiment here... I'm going to start posting some of my photos to my blog. All of these are of course copyright © 2007 Simon Cooke


Feed Fixed

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The Writing Continues... (Ghostbusters 3...?)

So I'm carrying on with Little Miss Litty, but I came up with a strangely good idea the other day, and I'm rolling with it.

I think I've figured out how to do a worthy sequel to Ghostbusters 1 & 2.

Way I figure, my script is currently looking like it has a much better storyline than what I've heard of the stalled version of the movie they want to make. (Ghostbusters go to hell? Yeesh... sorry, I can see all kinds of reasons why that script might have a few issues in terms of continuity, scope, and a whole bunch of other things).

So as soon as I finish Litty, that's what I'm going to be working on. Ghostbusters 3. I've already got most of the major plot points hammered out, and know roughly the scope of it. It'll be just a smidge darker than the others... not too dark... but you know, you gotta roll with the times.

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The Right Way to develop games...

From RockPaperShotgun, an interview with Kim Swift of Valve on Portal:

KS: I think it’s the process. As far as screen-testing goes, it’s usually not until the end of the movie process. We started testing as soon as we got here. And I can understand how it would destroy a movie, because it kind of did that for Narbacular Drop. We didn’t start play-testing until really the last month of our development, and by that point it’s too late to do anything about it. It’s like, “Oh, well, that’s unfortunate.” I think it’s when you start to get user feedback that’s most important. Because we’re in an entertainment industry, and if people are not entertained, then we’re not doing our job.

Emphasis mine.


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