Microsoft Money for the Smartphone... Does Not Exist

I have a smartphone (it's a Cingular 3125). I love it. It's great for making sure I show up on time to all my meetings, and it helps keep my life in some kind of order.

There used to be - for the Pocket PC - a version of Money. This was great. I could sync up my PC with the Pocket PC and keep track of all my cash.

This does not exist for the Smartphone. I'm not sure if a version ever existed; if it did, it's certainly not one that works today.

Microsoft doesn't publish an API (or any advice) for how to sync MS Money with a Smartphone over Activesync. The only choice you have is to use the exchange files that they create for communicating online with banks that are behind the times, and/or exporting/importing data to and from Quicken.

Microsoft - please, guys, come on. Either open up an API for people to use to write a third party app, or take your Pocket PC version and port it to the Smartphone. I'm sure it would be easy for y'all to do, and a lot of people would be very grateful - myself especially.

Come on guys... you know you can do it...

Update: Hey, whaddya know? A third party (Ultrasoft) stepped into the void and (somehow, given that I have no idea where they got the docs to be able to do it) have produced a Smartphone compatible app that will sync with Microsoft Money. Hurrah. It only came out last month, so I guess that's why I didn't know about it.

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