My Day on a Film Set (part 2…)

Organized chaos is often used as a metaphor to describe busy, bustling things that are a throng of activity where everything happens all at once.

Organized chaos is a perfect description for a film set.

It’s a place where time is compressed and expands, where minutes turn into seconds of footage in the final edit, where people can be standing around waiting for seemingly forever. And yet, all the time there’s a throbbing pulse of activity as people rush from set-up to set-up, capturing the images and audio that will make it into the final product.


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My Day On A Film Set…

This week was a wonderful week for me. On Tuesday night I drove down to Portland to spend all of Wednesday on a film set!

Why, you might ask? Well, I’ve been interested in film for a long time, and I’ve been (slowly) trying to get my own film studio off the ground. And one of the things that I realized recently was, although I’ve done quite a few little no-budget film shoots and helped out with some friends’ productions, it was time for me to actually see how the pro’s do it.


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Statins, Cholesterol… Yeah… About that…

So I have said on a number of occasions that I have a rich butter slurry running through my veins. Yep, I have bad cholesterol – although it’s been improving over the past year, to the point where it’s still high but at least the HDL/LDL ratio is getting better. Mainly by doing – so far as I can tell – three things:

  • Switching from Half & Half in coffee to Whole Milk at home and 2% milk at work
  • Losing weight (which surprisingly mostly happened due to the first change, and removing sugar from my coffee)
  • Reducing the amount of carbs that I eat

I haven’t shifted to a low fat diet (how exactly do you do that and have a low carb diet and eat nothing but roasted turkey/fish and spinach… not that I’m opposed to that, but…?)


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Halloween Cometh...

Not usually one for the explicit fanboi cosplay kinda thing, but this year Darci and I are going as Amy Pond (Policewoman kissogram costume) and Rory Williams (Roman Centurion).


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