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Hint for the day...

Don't eat at the Waimea Brewing Company in Kirkland. Food is lousy, possibly bordering on criminally negligent. The papaya ginger salsa on my Ono tasted like - I honestly kid you not - it had been marinated in some kind of cheap aftershave. The Ono itself was soaked in grease, which for the kind of fish it is, is also criminally negligent (Ono should be treated like a steak - and you wouldn't deep fry a steak). My wife's prawn combo had some kind of weird beer-based salsa served with it, the smell of which combined with the other ingredients, managed to set off every single "Don't eat this food it will kill you" vibe that my nose had, nearly immediately killing my appetite entirely. For the first time in my life, I wasn't able to grin and bear it in that polite British way that you do when you're eating bad food - I actually went through the whole process of explaining why the meal was patently inedible. If you've been around many Brits and seen the tortured way they will avoid complaining about anything in a restaurant ever (thus culminating over the years in the legendary culinary experience that most Americans call British 'food'), you can probably understand what a huge deal this must have been. My stomach is still doing flip-flops - and that's no exaggeration.