Travel Craziness: Cheaper to fly than to go by rail

It's currently £20 cheaper to fly from Manchester to London than it is to take the train. And it takes half the time.

Something is wrong here. I mean... never mind that its $40 with the exchange rates, and everything, which actually makes it a toss up... but still... that's ludicrous.

Price of a single ticket from Manchester to London:

by rail: £61.40 (2hrs 24mins)
by air: £43.40 (1hr)

Cost to get to Manchester airport vs. Piccadilly - about the same. And you need a day pass for the tube regardless of where you end up once you're at Euston anyway.

The world has honestly turned upside down at this point.

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exquicorp wrote on Saturday, March 8, 2008:

My brothers friend, so he tells me, works in London and lives in Scotland.
He buys all his flights up front for less than 20 pound and it takes just over and hour end to end.

If you try hard enough you can get to Amsterdam for under a tenner.

Eventually they will start to Tax airline gas.

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