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The wait is over…

My 3 year old daughter Lexi just said "The Wait Is Over" in ominous tones to my wife Darci. Darci had no idea where she got that phrase from. I thought it was from movie trailers.

Lexi pipes up with "No, it's from Pitch Black".

"Well my dear, you have very discerning tastes in Sci-Fi horror movies, but when did you see Pitch Black?"

"He was saying it to Jack Frost."

Ohhhhhhh... Rise of the Guardians. Not  Vin Diesel. I see.


What I’ve Learned About Dancing and Dieting So Far: Part 2 - Dancing

As a dancer, I’ve pretty much got two left feet. Always have. (If my DNA source code is anything to believe, it’s partly because I’ve got a slightly worse motor cortex than most, making it harder for me to learn that kind of thing… I’m not sure whether I buy that or not). Although I’ve always had a blast making a fool out of myself on the dance floor, provided I had poured enough alcohol into myself to ignore the jeers, and the fact that I’d never be able to pull based on my “moves”. (Fortunately, my lack of coordination and finesse appears to be relegated only to dancing).

Last week though, I was playing Dance Central 3 with my wonderful wife Darci, and she said one of the most amazing things ever…  (in between mocking my lack of skill). This is the one piece of information that totally clued me into what I was missing about dancing, and why she was more easily able to ape the dancers on the screen than I was. It was mind blowing, and has completely gotten me over the hump.

What was it?


What I’ve Learned About Dancing and Dieting So Far… Part 1: Dieting

So a few months back, I decided to try playing Dance Central to lose weight, and for the first two weeks it worked like a charm! I lost a fair bit of weight (close to 10lbs), and checking on my electronic scale it wasn’t all water weight. Pretty awesome! What’s more, it proved out my theory that if you’ve got a lot of fast-twitch muscle fibers, dancing is a pretty solid way to go to get exercise – about the only thing comparable might be interval training.

Now, I’d be lying if I said I was able to keep it up long term. I got a cold, and unfortunately, after a couple of days out of commission, I just kind of forgot to get back on the horse. Well, now I’m back and dancing again… and it’s time for an update on what I’ve learned in the interim.