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I'm finally getting around to putting some of my archive of photos online. You can find them at

Cool photos? Sure! The NSA ones are exceptionally cool. You don't often get to see an Enigma machine up close, never mind play with one :)

There are also photos from the Good Samaritan film shoot, the premiere of said short film, people I work with, and more.

I'll try to expand this over time.

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It's that time of year again. This year I decided to put together my own costume, based on the movie Reanimator. (Hey, it seemed like it'd be much cheaper than doing a really good Harry Potter one, or a Prisoner one, and a lot more fun).

[Reanimator Costume]

Of course, when I set out to do this, I didn't realize that the syringes I'd ordered from a small lab supply company wouldn't arrive on time because of a hurricane. Or that the labcoat I ordered wouldn't arrive in time either. Or that I'd then go out and spend $20 on a "flavor injector" at Williams Sonoma, which looks suitably evil. Or that glowstick fluid will eat through the seals in said syringe, and also remove the markings from it. Or that I'd end up with 20 glowsticks in my garage. One thing I did find out is that each glowstick doesn't hold much liquid. Also, this year's severed heads weren't all that cool, so I ended up having to buy one and sew a wig to it to give it a little... extra.

Still, people liked it - those who actually figured out what it was - and the big glowing syringe is certainly a good way to get people to stop and stare. Unfortunately, halfway through the party I had to put the syringe back in the car - it was leaking, and even though that stuff is "non-toxic", the fact that it can eat through rubber kind of worried me.

Next year? I'm thinking of doing a cast of my own head, and going around headless for the night. :)

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Just a quick note to say that I just moved sideways from being Lead Engineer on the Tools team at Surreal Software, to become Lead Gameplay Engineer on the As Yet Unannounced NextGen Game we're working on.


I think this calls for a drink. Or five!

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I'm an Uncle again!

Welcome to the world, Mr. Jake Andrew Douglas Cooke. My sister has some more pictures up at her Fotki site:

Inscrutable looking bugger, isn't he?

He was due on my birthday, but apparently he was in a bit of a hurry to get out. Probably didn't want to miss out on all the good weather - either that, or he didn't want to share the date. :)

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Guess I didn't botch it so bad after all...

On the 10th of January, I started working at Surreal Software as a tools engineer. Pretty cool place, great people, high stressload, not much free time at the moment - thus the lack of blog postings.

I guess I didn't botch it so bad after all :)

Surreal is probably best known for the recent game The Suffering, which is a survival/action/horror game in the same vein as the Silent Hill games.

It's good to be here. All I need to do now is figure out how to fit going to the gym for 2 hours a day in with actually sleeping, eating, and going to work and still having time to wind down afterwards. Guess it doesn't help that I started right around a major crunch.

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