Liars of the highest order

So I just got a neato little survey in the mail asking me what I thought of Obamacare. It's from CatholicVote, a conservative political action group who are trying to repeal ObamaCare.

But get this - you have to pay $10 to fill in the survey and have your opinion count – even if you disagree with everything in it. And that $10 - as they plainly state on the back page - will be used for their campaign to dismantle ObamaCare.

This is a bit like a double-bind. If you believe strongly in what they're peddling - and this has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with right-wing conservatives trying to drum up their base - then you'll fill in the survey the way they want, and send them the $10.

If you DON'T think the way they want you to think, you immediately disqualify yourself - your opinion doesn't count, and they get to skew their polling.

This is disgraceful double-speak of the highest order. Apparently this survey will be going to Senator Patty Murray, @Senator Maria Cantwell andCongressman Jim McDermott. I hope they completely ignore it.

They're looking for six new senators to repeal ObamaCare. Such a Christian, Catholic devotion to helping others, and making sure they don't end up dying in the streets. Such an amazing ability to help out with healing the sick.

It features choice questions such as:

ObamaCare regulations now require all Americans - including Catholic and pro-Life Americans - to purchase healthcare insurance plans that include abortion-inducing drugs. In other words, under ObamaCare, pro-life Catholics are required to pay for abortions in violation of Catholic doctrine and moral teachings.

Totally factually incorrect, of course. No abortifacient drugs are included under ObamaCare.

As part of the ObamaCare law, even the most minimal restrictions on abortion are being overturned - including partial-birth abortion and prohibitions against taxpayer-funding of abortion. In addition, legal experts also believe that ObamaCare will ultimately require pro-life hospitals and doctors to perform abortions if they are to remain in their medical fields.

Question: Why do you think President Obama and many liberals want to use the power of government to force pro-life doctors and hospitals to perform abortions?

A) Because most doctors won't perform abortions, and the pro-abortion movement wants to maximize the number of abortions in America.
B) Because the pro-abortion movement is honestly concerned about protecting women.
C) Not Sure
D) Other _________________

... of course, this is complete bunk as well. It's completely illegal to perform partial-birth abortions under US law. And no-one is forcing pro-life hospitals and doctors to perform abortions. Right now, they're shutting down clinics which provide those services.

This survey goes on for another four pages of this claptrap. If anyone's really interested, I'll scan it in and OCR it for folks to see. But seriously, it's time to start fighting back against blatant - 1st amendment protected - lying on the part of politicians and their action groups.

It's time to shame them for misrepresenting the truth, and lying to potential voters.

It's time to show them that lying - like you learned as a child - is something that you are given a time-out for.

It's time to treat them like you'd treat any of your friends if they were blatantly lying to you. You show them the door.

Please share this, and please feel free to leave feedback on's website - , or email your local representative and tell them that you won't support liars in politics, and where you stand on these issues.

Or the loudest liars will win.

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