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One of the largest drivers of people to my blog is my infrequent posts on my experiments with hangover cures. I get a thousand people a month who come here to look for a way to stop their head throbbing.

So I've got an idea. I'm going to put together a site dedicated to the topic. I bought the domain yesterday - it's and I'm aiming to have something up soon.

The idea is to have:

  • Advice on how to fix your head or stomach hangover
  • Advice on how to not get so drunk in the first place (ever wanted to sit down for vodka shots with a Russian General? Now you'll know how)
  • Supplements/Foods/Etc that help - and exactly what's in them that help you
  • Possibly some information on how to cure hangovers not caused by alcohol... (we're talking nicotine here... but possibly also other substances. Theoretically 1st Amendment law protects me here, but it's still a somewhat illegal topic. I've not tried any of these other substances, but I do have friends who have - and I know that my "after party mix" certainly helps them)
  • A Bulletin Board where people can discuss drinking, hangovers, hangover cures etcetera


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