Galaxy Quest 2

I want to make this. No, seriously.

I have a killer idea for the story for the 2nd one. It’ll work really well. And should be as much fun as the first.

(I’m following the “mostly same + enough different = Great Sequel” formula that great sequels follow).

As far as I’m concerned, Galaxy Quest was one of the best films ever made. I’m serious about that. It runs an amazing gamut of comedy and tragedy, is completely cohesive, has a deft sense of character development and depth, and in fact the ONLY thing I can say at all that’s bad about it is the final death of Sairus at the end (where it’s obviously a flash pan on the stage that goes ineffectually pop, with an effect on top).

Actually, that wrap up scene is a little twee, but everything else in the movie is brilliant.

Alright – who wants to help me make it? Put me in touch with the right people (I’ll be working it from my side), and let’s do it.

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Anonymous wrote on Thursday, October 8, 2009:

I love that film! It has the right mix of funny/sad, cultural references and flakey fun - “Look around; can you construct some sort of rudimentary lathe?”
Ha ha.
The writing is great and the pacing.
I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the greatest film ever made, but that's one of those subjective headtrips we don't really need right now.
Anyhoo, love the writing!
Mark (Sydney)

Mon2020 wrote on Friday, January 14, 2011:

Hey, it was a comedy. Ridiculous, but real .. at the same time. Great movie. One of my favorites.

I bet it's a cult favorite and a sequel (if done well) would break box office records all over the world.

By Grabthar's hammer, do it already!

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