Grossly Annoyed by the new Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection’s version of Space Harrier

So, I bought this for ONE thing.

Namely, the unlockable Space Harrier – one of my favorite arcade games of all time.

And guess what? The music & audio are all OFF. Something’s wrong with the pitch. Someone massively screwed up. It’s all off key. And it sounds like the bass-line may even be out of sync.

Oh, and the sampled speech? Too high.

Bah humbug. And this is even after I had to complete the first level of Super Thunder Blade to unlock the damn thing. Quite why I’d need to unlock it, I have no idea.

If Space Harrier is the only reason you want this compilation, don’t buy it. It’s like they got the wrong ROMs, compiled MAME, and then shipped it. Not only that, but there’s the occasional audio glitch on the attract screen which certainly wasn’t there on the arcade.

Oh, and it looks like (as with many versions of Space Harrier, including the Mame one) they’ve not got the gamma right.


Now if only the Sega Ages remake of Space Harrier would come out on the 360.

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