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I Hate Citibank

Talk about sloppy programming… I mean, seriously guys…


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3 Responses to I Hate Citibank

  1. Anonymous says:

    We came across this message as well when trying to make a payment. When we called and asked what it meant, we were told ‘ you must have already made an on line payment this month’. Yes its true, you can only make ONE payment per month on line. If you wish to pay more (or in your case pay off the entire balance) you must make the payment in a citibank bank. This is an easy way for them to keep you in debt.

  2. Ian says:

    citibank does not use postmark date. who does that?? I owed them 30 dollars so I payed the last check sent it 4 days before it was due, they charged me a late fee of 30 dollars. then 15 to pay the late fee on the phone.

  3. YOu think that’s bad? When I log into my account for the last few months, I get a mesage saying I have no outstanding student loans! Nice if if that were true, but it’s very much not. Then they act like it could not be a problem on their end when my payments aren;t processed correctly. I think Kafka runs that place from the grave.