2 Degrees of Political Separation

Just for giggles, I just looked up Joe Biden, John McCain, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin on LinkedIn.

Here's my connectedness. I was surprised.


Huh... I'm 2 degrees from Barack Obama.


... and 2 degrees from John McCain.

Apparently, I'm this far from Sarah Palin:


... but I'm guessing that's because she's on McCain's friends list.

Joe Biden? Can't find him on LinkedIn.

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Brother Dog wrote on Thursday, October 16, 2008:

Oh god…

I just searched for my own presidential connections. Three hops from Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, and Kevin Bacon. More troubling is that I’m a mere degrees away from McCain and Sarah Palin. See what happens when you end up knowing someone in highschool who turns out to be a young republican? They become an old republican. Thankfully, I’m not connected to George Bush at all.

Oh, and no Biden for me either.

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