You might not have seen this new XBOX Live Arcade game, and if you haven't, you should definitely check it out.

This is my ship... you can have the Red one. No, I don't care that blue is your favorite color. It's mine! Mine!!!

Schizoid (by Torpex Games) is a two player co-op game that you can play over the network or on the couch, and it has a really simple game mechanic - the Blue player can kill Blue things, and the Red player can kill Red things. The opposite color to your ship is deadly. And that's it. No controls other than a single stick to worry about, it's pure distilled simplicity, and rather addictive.

Never mind the tortuous Uberschizoid mode which has you as a single player try in vain to split your brain in half and control two ships at once - one with the left stick, and one with the right.

Obscure Schizoid Reference involving flapjacks, brainwashing, left vs right handedness, and black Russian cigarettes

I met creator Jamie Fristrom at Gamefest last week, and he can't complete it on Uberschizoid mode, although he's come pretty close. Other people at Torpex have done it, which probably means that they're drummers.

Check it out and download the demo for free - what do you have to lose but your sanity?

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