A new screenplay... and a new title...

Little Miss Litty is getting a rename... it's now called "The Mara". It's a little punchier, and a says "horror movie" a lot more than the original title. Hopefully it'll sell better.

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Speaking of selling.. I've not heard anything back from any production companies yet. I faxed Twisted Pictures (the guys who did the Saw movies) a couple of days ago. I also emailed Vincenzo Natali's agent over at Endeavor LA - and got no response.

Goddamn, this industry is crazy. Back when I was a journo, it was pretty freakin' easy. Phone an editor. Pitch the story. Go off and write it, send it in. Easy. Of course, when I first got started there was an extra step - write a short 300 word synopsis... but that went away after the first couple. (Oddly, the need to write synopses came after writing for Your Sinclair for a year... weird).

If you're a script reader for a production company and you come across this page, please feel free to email me.


It's time to crack out my old notebook and start working on a new one so that I can get some distance before doing rewrites on The Mara. This next one I already know the story for from soup to nuts, and I have a synopsis written up and ready to go. (This was back during my sit at Bandoleone with a glass of wine and write period, and the story itself is one that I put together back in 2001). It's called Dot Comedy right now, but really it's a kind of heist movie... naturally with quirky twists on the basic formula.

Step one, take the ten pages of notes, put them in OneNote where I can edit them more easily, and work out the structure scene by scene. Then, it's time to get down to the real writing :)

I'm like butter, baby... I'm on a roll.

Of course, the slightly sad part of this is that I'm now cannibalizing my stash of stories that I was hoping to direct myself. This one is budgeted at a cool $270,000 if I was filming it myself. If it was done full on Hollywood Style (which it really should be), it'd probably come in at a respectable $4 to $10MM.

The log line for this one?

Dot Comedy

Two collegues get laid off from their high paying jobs. In an effort to continue their lifestyle, they decide to borrow money from a loan shark, reprint it using the office printer, and take it Vegas to launder it with the help of an alcoholic gambling addict. But the loan shark wants his money back and he's coming to get it - with interest.

(I hate log lines... take a story, and squeeze all the juice out of it... it just doesn't get across the full fun of the story. Ah well).

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