The State of the Nation: Lies and more lies

The US federal budget for 2008 cut large amounts of funding from physical science projects. Of the ones I can get references to (with a quick search 'cos I'm at work), they cut:

  • $88MM from high-energy physics programs.
  • Completely killed the US's contribution of $149MM to the International Fusion Project.
  • Cut funding for the International Linear Collider by $45MM (from $60MM to $15MM).
  • The National Labs Argonne and Fermilab had their funding slashed.

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Last night's state of the nation address?

Bush pledged to double funding for physical science programs.

It's not hard to double funding for a program when you've already halved it that year.

Can we get rid of this administration already? I'm sick of the lies, and the fact that they're run this country directly into a recession.

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Debby wrote on Friday, February 1, 2008:

This administration reminds me of a bunch of drunk drivers running a bus off into a ravine.

This is going to be a hole that will take years and years to get out of.

This administration hates science..all sorts of it, physics, biology (stem cell, global warming) Clinton got impeached because he couldn’t keep his pants zipped…but this clown can trash a whole nation and nothing happens.

Great…now I bet I’m on some Patriot Act watch list :-/

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