Amazing Alzheimer's Treatment - And Why It Works

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News today hit the interwebs of a fantastic new potential alzheimer's treatment that works on a timescale of hours. Yes, you read that right, hours.

The drug involved is Etanercept, which is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, and has been used off-label for Alzheimer's.

Of course, this kind of scoops the posts I was planning on making here - but in a really good way :) I'll explain how all this ties into my hypotheses when I make my big posts.

(Which I'm still working on - but it's a big topic so I'm still trying to figure out how to approach it).

But as a sneaky teaser:

Etanercept is a TNF-α antagonist; TNF-α being a cytokine created by white blood cells which is used to signal an inflammation response in the host.

So why does that help? Is Alzheimer's merely an inflammatory disease? And Etanercept turns that inflammation off, letting your body get back to business as usual?

Nope, that's not what's going on here... not entirely... Here's my hypothesis - you'll see my theme starting here:

The trick here is another part of the equation. Recent research has shown that Herpes Simplex Virus I is found in huge quantities in plaque riddled brain tissue in Alzheimer's patients.

Other recent research in mice shows that when the body has an inflammation response, it creates cytokines such as TNF-α - which cause the latent herpes viruses to re-activate.

So if HSV-1 is a primary cause of Alzheimer's, TNF-α increases its activity, and Etanercept decreases the amount of TNF-α in the bloodstream (decreasing its activity), then the case for HSV-1 being a cause of Alzheimer's is strengthened. And what's more, you can help it along with other drugs and nutritional supplements that are antagonistic towards herpes viruses.

So why is Etanercept prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis? The answer lies with another herpes-class of virus - Varicella Zoster. And that part I'll save for the series...

Meanwhile, my suggestion and recommendation to anyone dealing with this, and doctors treating it:

Supplement any treatment with Etanercept with Interferon-α/β, acyclovir (or valcylovir, or any of the other related antivirals), L-lysine supplements matched with an equal ratio of Vitamin C supplementation, and a low sugar (fructose, glucose, mannose) diet.

I'll explain more about why in coming posts. You can get L-lysine and Vitamin C over the counter. Most doctors would probably be willing to try acyclovir (Zovirax) or valcyclovir (Valtrex). Interferon may take a bigger push - in which case, give him the links in this article. They're listed at the bottom.

NOTE: I am NOT a doctor. Do not take any advice from this page without consulting with a certified physician. I'm just someone who's really good at Googling and building models.

Supporting Documentation:
ScienceDaily report on the use of Etanercept as a miracle Alzheimer's cure
Herpes Simplex 1 and Alzheimer's link
Latent HSV-1 infection reactivation due to TNF-α

Journal of NeuroInflammation paper on the use of Etanercept (the ScienceDaily report is based on this)

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paulinhoale wrote on Tuesday, August 5, 2008:

I read this article and theory about Alzheimer’s and I thought very interesting, my grandfather by what the tests show is carrying this disease.
I remember that some years before they experience symptoms of Alzheimer he had herps, and therefore this article called me much attention.

jackdachef wrote on Sunday, December 7, 2008:

Your articles about our little overlords is very interesting :)

What kind of role does Zinc play in all this ? (I just thought about some effects it has on cold sore)


robertmiles wrote on Monday, December 22, 2008:

Have you considered adding low starchy foods to your list of recommendations, since starch digests into sugars?

I don’t know what role zinc plays, but there’s a web site that will let your computer participate in the research for finding out. The [email protected] site allows this for many types of computers, and has recently added the capabilty of letting zinc ions dock with the proteins they had been working on previously. Some of their work was already to help Alzheimer’s research.

Anonymous wrote on Thursday, July 1, 2010:

Etanercept is incredibly expensive at around $700/dose with recommended dosing at 1x/week, with potentially devastating side-effects. To achieve the same effect consider “LongVida” a synthetic form of curcumin at 4 grams at bedtime for achieving an anti-inflammatory response. Add to this Vitamin C(as you suggested), l-lysine @ 1 gram 3x/day, along with alpha lipoid acid (600 mg daily), fish-oil, and DHA from sea-weed and you may have a viable Alzheimer's treatment.

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