You, Dear Reader...

So here's your chance (because I like to check occasionally) to tell me what to write.

What do you want to see on this blog?

  1. More of the same randomness
  2. More game reviews
  3. More game design posts
  4. More random medical/sciencey stuff I figure out
  5. More software design & programming posts
  6. More software project management posts
  7. More artsy stuff
  8. More movie making related posts
  9. More writing posts
  10. More about me

Of course, you can pick any topics you like, but that's basically everything that's happened in this blog over the time I've been posting it. What would you like to see? I might not steer the ship solely in that direction, but I'll definitely nudge it over there if people have a preference.

About the author

Simon Cooke is an occasional video game developer, ex-freelance journalist, screenwriter, film-maker, musician, and software engineer in Seattle, WA.

The views posted on this blog are his and his alone, and have no relation to anything he's working on, his employer, or anything else and are not an official statement of any kind by them (and barely even one by him most of the time).

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Anonymous wrote on Saturday, October 20, 2007:

Just be your normal nerdy self. I only check in like once every three months to see if you do anything truly bizarre. I’m always SOOOOO disappointed :-)

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