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Well well well... things have changed quite a bit since I was last in England. Here's a surprising one though.

The Granuiad1 (sic) is now putting hyperlinks in its articles. No, I don't mean that they're spelling them out with an http://whatever and everything... no, they're actually putting the whole text-in-blue-with-an-underline thingy in print media.

It's actually surprisingly effective. Instead of clicking on said link (which frankly, will only start doing something once someone actually manages to put together working E-Paper for the masses), you just look across the page until you see the call-out box which has all of the "anchors" for the links. It's a very very cute way of handling glossaries in printed articles. I wholeheartedly approve.

1That would be The Guardian newspaper, which for a while now has been warmly referred to as the Granuiad, because for the longest time it had the worst proof reading in the business.

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