End of E3

So my first ever E3 show is finally over and done with. I'm exaausted, and have sunburn on one of my arms from being stuck in LA traffic with the window down for huge long stretches of time. Shay only came down for the last day of the show, and she's exhausted now too. Finish it all off by meeting up with an old friend of mine (Colin MacDonald) which is especially appropriate as he's probably the #1 person responsible for getting me involved in the games industry in the first place way back at the tender age of 15, and it's one hell of a trip.


  • Namco's real live Katamari, and playing We Love Katamari.
  • Booth babes (in general).
  • Midway's party at the Avalon, and the Best Buy sponsored Inside E3 party the next night at the same place (much more my kind of music the second time).
  • Seeing people actually getting a kick out of playing Suffering: Ties That Bind.
  • Normal E3 members trying to compete with Booth Babes on the looks dept.
  • Seeing old friends who live in the LA area / came into town for E3.
  • Hellgate: London, Prince of Persia 3 (let's hope it's a little less combat-heavy than POP:Warrior Within), Quake 4, Burnout: Revenge, The Godfather.

Best Booth

For my money, EA stole the show with the best booth by having a 360 degree wraparound screen on which they projected movies, including a 360 degree render of a game of Burnout: Revenge. You could see EVERYTHING, and all of a sudden it got very real. Similarly, The Godfather was very impressive in 360 degree surround visuals, even though as a cinematic experience it was particularly weird to have to whip around 180 degrees to find out who was shooting someone, instead of seeing a cut to provide the same information. Fascinating, fantastic stuff.

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