Halo 2 Released...

Well, Halo 2 is now out.

That's all I have to say on the matter. Other than that there appears (at first glance) to be over 450 people waiting to pick up their copies at the Redmond Town Center EB Games.

A quick back of the envelope calculation indicates the following:

30 minutes to give copies to 5 batches of 10 people (50 people).

450 people = 9 batches of 50.

So, 9 batches, at 30 minutes a piece means...

They should be done handing them out some time around 5am.

I feel quite ill with a cold right now, so I'm going to bed. No way in hell am I waiting in the cold in that queue. Yikes.

I'll pick my copy up tomorrow. They'd better have it. Not only did I prepay, but my receipt says that it will be held for me for 48 hours after it arrives. Not only that, but I have a saved voicemail on my phone stating that the game will be ready for me tonight at midnight. So alls I'm saying is... it had better be there. Or, in the best of Robocop ways, "There Will Be.... Trouble."

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