Sleep and Relaxation make you work better...

Who'da thunk it?,3604,1297824,00.html

Apparently, getting enough rest, and not spending all your time working actually makes you more productive at work.

I sometimes wonder if the US isn't just working itself into an early grave. There are times when I miss England - mainly, whenever I think about vacations. Two weeks a year is kind of pathetic. Especially if the place you work for doesn't let you roll over vacation time, so the fact that you took only half of your vacation time over the first two years you worked somewhere doesn't automatically mean that they'll let you use that time later.

Still, at least I have two "floating holiday" days left this year. And if I need to, I'll just take some time off without pay to visit my folks back home while they're still around.

It's sad really... I never realized how much I'd miss my Dad if he was gone until I ended up living somewhere where the most often I can get home is every 4 years or so, just because of the travel time and jet lag.

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