Halo 2 Pre-Game Kickoff

Do you like bees?

I love bees.

Back when A.I. was coming out in theatres, there was a pre-movie game. Call it "The Beast" if you will. I was on CloudMakers, and participated in the fun.

Now the game is back. And this time, it's related to Halo 2 (as you can see by the rabbit-hole entryway to the game in the Halo 2 trailer - the URL www.xbox.com flashes up as www.ilovebees.com for a short moment).

I'm playing. Are you? Join the fun at www.unfiction.com - and go to the Haunted Apiary section.


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Anonymous wrote on Thursday, July 29, 2004:

I love bees,
they hide in trees!
And in my nose they make me sneeze!

Oh bees!
A wheeze,
to make them sieze,
is to rub sand into their knees!

Sorry to hear about Sierra mate. Drop me an email some time.

Dave B (Flagg)

Simon Cooke wrote on Thursday, July 29, 2004:

Hey Dave!

Drop me an email - simon AT popcornfilms DOT com


Anonymous wrote on Friday, August 6, 2004:

Yes… but now.. Now is Doom 3 time!

Finished Doom 3 yet?

I’m still waiting to upgrade my vid card. I still have the same video card from when we bought our systems together back at Sierra. laughs

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