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Wild Assed Guess: Misfits

Posted on 12/11/2009 in Film Making
My guess for Nathan’s power? He can make shapeshifters show their true forms. Update: Nope, I’m wrong. He’s immortal.

Comcast: Some of Our Channels Are Missing!

Posted on 03/09/2009
Darci and I were really looking forward to seeing Breaking Bad on AMCHD tonight (channel 697). Breaking Bad,as we expected to see it Unfortunately, for some reason, all we were getting is a blank screen. A huge block of channels … More…

Best episode of Doctor Who ever

Posted on 05/15/2005
I just watched Father’s Day, which frankly has to be the best episode of Doctor Who ever made. Ever. I mean it – it literally doesn’t get better than this. (Although I have a sneaky suspicion that they’re going to … More…

The New Doctor Who (Spoiler Free)

Posted on 03/08/2005
The new series of Doctor Who was posted to the web yesterday, well ahead of its intended release date in the UK. So I downloaded it. Now, before you start screaming, hear me out on this. I’m a huge proponent … More…