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GTK Popup Window Bug Fixed

Posted on 08/02/2005
Back in March 2003, I filed a bug against GTK on Windows. You see, it wasn’t handling popup menus correctly, so when the window with the popup lost focus, the menu would stay up on the screen. This bug has … More…

Heinz Blows It

Posted on 07/03/2005
A while back, here in the US, some guy in Heinz marketing had a really bright idea. It went something like this… Let’s have a competition where we get people to come up with jokey slogans to go on the … More…

Recruiter Incompetency

Posted on 12/03/2004
I’m finding it very amusing how incompetent some recruiters are. I mean, I know they’re doing the whole search engine scattergun thing to find people, and there’s so many hours in the day… but please… at least try to pretend … More…

Correct Idioms: Early Adapter

Posted on 09/21/2004
Folks, please, don’t make the mistake that one head of marketing at Sierra I used to know did (and fought me tooth and nail on it, insisting that they were correct), and call the people you’re relying on to buy … More…