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Comcast: Some of Our Channels Are Missing!

Posted on 03/09/2009
Darci and I were really looking forward to seeing Breaking Bad on AMCHD tonight (channel 697). Breaking Bad,as we expected to see it Unfortunately, for some reason, all we were getting is a blank screen. A huge block of channels … More…

Goodbye Eartha… You were fantastic

Posted on 12/26/2008
  from SeaTurtle’s photostream on Eartha Kitt died on Christmas Day, 2008. I’ve seen Earth Kitt perform twice, both times at Jazz Alley in Seattle, in 2006 and 2007. My friends Bach, Aydin, Anna, Pepe and my fiancee Darci … More…

Master Lock 0, Bolt Cutters 1

Posted on 10/26/2008
What I learned today: Bolt cutters need about 100x more force than you might expect to cut through hardened steel. Even though you’ve got leverage, you need to put your whole body into it, and shove REALLY hard. Online combination … More…