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Random Chicken Garam Masala Curry

Posted on 12/05/2008
Tonight, as Darci is out of town in New Mexico visiting her mom, I decided to make some food that she doesn’t typically like. Curry!!! It turned out great, although it was dicey for a moment there (I decided part … More…

Cajun Bacon Salmon (Experimental Recipe)

Posted on 08/06/2007
This recipe is a variation on a similar recipe I found at IngredientsAbout 1lb of Sockeye Salmon filet2tbs butter (soft)2 medium onions, slicedCajun spice rubSmoked sea salt (or kosher salt if not available)Lemon juice (approx. the juice from a … More…

Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on 11/24/2005
I’m British, but since I got to the US I’ve always done the Thanksgiving thing. (It’s probably one of the reasons why my waistline has… ahem… expanded considerably since I got here). At first, friends would invite me (and other … More…