It's that time of year again. This year I decided to put together my own costume, based on the movie Reanimator. (Hey, it seemed like it'd be much cheaper than doing a really good Harry Potter one, or a Prisoner one, and a lot more fun).

[Reanimator Costume]

Of course, when I set out to do this, I didn't realize that the syringes I'd ordered from a small lab supply company wouldn't arrive on time because of a hurricane. Or that the labcoat I ordered wouldn't arrive in time either. Or that I'd then go out and spend $20 on a "flavor injector" at Williams Sonoma, which looks suitably evil. Or that glowstick fluid will eat through the seals in said syringe, and also remove the markings from it. Or that I'd end up with 20 glowsticks in my garage. One thing I did find out is that each glowstick doesn't hold much liquid. Also, this year's severed heads weren't all that cool, so I ended up having to buy one and sew a wig to it to give it a little... extra.

Still, people liked it - those who actually figured out what it was - and the big glowing syringe is certainly a good way to get people to stop and stare. Unfortunately, halfway through the party I had to put the syringe back in the car - it was leaking, and even though that stuff is "non-toxic", the fact that it can eat through rubber kind of worried me.

Next year? I'm thinking of doing a cast of my own head, and going around headless for the night. :)

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Just a quick note to say that I just moved sideways from being Lead Engineer on the Tools team at Surreal Software, to become Lead Gameplay Engineer on the As Yet Unannounced NextGen Game we're working on.


I think this calls for a drink. Or five!

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LOST - the ARG...

(If you're wondering what an ARG or "Alternative Reality Game" is, please check out http://www.unfiction.org)

Looks like the TV show LOST is starting up an ARG. The trailhead is the site http://thehansofoundation.org (referred to glancingly in the episode Orientation shown last week).

Entering https:// instead of http:// gives you the text "bigspaceship1". Typing this in takes you to ... well... kind of appropriately what appears to be a numbers site. (http://bigspaceship1.com if you need the link).

This site has been getting weirder and weirder. Latest pic is a mouse sitting on a piece of cheese with a numbers-site radio recording from way back being played behind it.

If you take that pic, and run it through Photoshop (Equalize, then clip the red channel), you get the message "attention all rodents meet at 22:00 local time", along with this map:

Looks like the game is afoot :)


Supercool dating site...

OKCupid is something that a few friends passed on to me recently. It's really incredibly cool - for a start, it's totally free, which is pretty rare for online dating sites.

What's really intriguing about it though is that it's all based around questions and answers. The more questions you answer about yourself - and the kind of person you're looking for - the better it can give you matches. They've got some Math PhDs running the numbers on this site, and as a result they're really confident about their matching algorithm. The more info you put in, the more likely you are to find someone you're compatible with - and so on.

It's also really addictive, because they have plenty of silly tests for you to run. Give it a shot - it's a lot of fun.


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