The Suffering - Now on XBOX 360

The Suffering made the XBOX 360 Backwards Compatibility list today! W00t!

It looks gorgeous in 720p with full-screen antialiasing. Awesome!

A bunch of folks at work (Surreal) are very happy today :) Now the only question remains... where's the back-compat for Suffering 2? :)

(other games I'd like to see backwards compatibility for include Advent Rising [the only game I know of which seems to have been developed for the debug kits - not the retail released machines], Whiplash and most importantly, Chronicles of Riddick!)


New Car Smell

Well, my Neon finally died. After owning it for 8 years, and putting 127,000 miles on the clock, the final tally came to:

  • Reverse lights no longer worked
  • When braking, the left turn signal would turn on solidly and stay there
  • Clutch was slipping really badly. (This was the final straw)
  • At low speed when turning, there was an odd thunking feeling to the wheels, like they were egg shaped or something. (At highway speeds, it was fine)
  • Handbrake would lose its ratchet at times

So... time for a new car. I ended up getting a rather spiffy brand new Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon. Some people tell me that the wagon part will make it more difficult to pick up chicks, because it makes it look like I have kids. Me, I'm just thinking it'll be handy for going on camping trips.

Oddly, for a turbocharged car that takes premium gas, because I'm taking it easy driving it (break-in period, dontcha know), I'm actually getting better gas mileage than I expected. If the gauge is at all correct, I'm getting about 28mpg - which isn't bad at all, especially for Seattle. My Neon would get that (before the clutch started going), so I'm pretty happy all in all.

And it's peppy. It has Get up and Go. Vim. Vigor. All that good stuff. Basically, it moves like shit off a shovel. And it's bright shiny blue, which is always a plus in my book.

I'm just going to hate the payments though :( One of the great things of having paid off a car is not having to care about the payments any more, and this'll be about $460 a month out of my pocket that I'm really going to miss.

Ah well, if I quit smoking and eat in at lunch, cook at home more, I shouldn't miss it that much. And given that I'm not going to smoke in my new car, I might be able to manage that.

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Windows Live Writer

This is a test post really... I'm just trying out the new Windows Live Writer application (now in Beta and available for download) which apparently makes blogging oh-so-that-much-easier.

So far it's not too bad. One really ultra cool feature is the Web Preview function which lets you view your post as it will appear when posted to your blog - without posting it to your blog! That's pretty rad. Also, fortunately, it lets you edit in "normal" mode, which removes all of the wacky style-sheet goodness. I'm all for WYSIWYG, but you can take it a bit too far (IMHO). You can also edit the raw HTML if you so desire.

A huge plus (and why I'm using it), is that it'll post to Blogger sites, which is the front-end I use to drive my blog (even though it's actually hosted elsewhere). So far I'm pretty impressed. It may even completely divert me from using OneNote 2007 to blog, which was my original plan.

Download it, give it a try.

Of course, I just tried posting this to my blog, and, erm, it didn't actually post. Looks like it may need more work. You may get better mileage if you post to a real blog with it, instead of doing the personal hosting thing.

Hmm... looks like I just needed to wait for the post to propogate - looks like it went through fine :)


The Lazarus Papers - Investor Trailer out!

Been a while since I posted, but...

The Lazarus Papers now has a teaser/investor trailer up at Check it out!

(Edit: Actually... I also just found out that there's another site you can go to - - which has the full trailer on it).

Add 'em as a friend on your Myspace account and show your support!

(Oh, and it has my good friend Joseph DeLorenzo acting in it. Directed by my other friend Jeremiah Hundley - who worked with both of us on The Good Samaritan short... and also shot by Scrapper (I helped out with Audio and slating on his last short, Finn's Last Dance)).

It's a small world after all :)


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