LA Trip Photos

I popped down to Santa Monica for a few days to catch up with some friends.

I've not seen my friend Si since I moved to America, and he moved to Australia about 9 years ago. I miss him a bunch. It was great to see him :) We've known each other since we were about 11 years old.

He was in LA post-Burning Man, which he'd been putting together some awesome choons for. You can find his blog (and some of his music) here: Some Freakish Behavior

I also popped down to see my friend Noah, who moved from Surreal to Activision several months ago. He's one of those people who have an amazing calming influence on me. And he frankly rocks.

Flickr Photo Set here

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Computer's back up

Damn memory stick. No idea what data got corrupted. *sigh*.

Time to backup, and wipe the bastard.

Of course, I should have done the backup before it failed... ahem...

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Dead Laptop

Damn... that'll teach me not to make backups.

If I'm not responding to your emails or answering IM, now you know why.

Looks like the HDD crashed. Either that or PerfectDisk torched it. Not sure which... but it looks more like a HDD crash.

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F.E.A.R. Demo

Wow... I honestly didn't give this demo the chance it deserved when I first played it.

My girlfriend just got done with the demo. She jumped in several places. And this is a girl who thinks that Saw III is something to drift off to sleep to. (Yes, she's that hardcore about horror movies).

I need to get the full game, I think. It was amazing quite how they incorporated some pretty damn awesome psychological trickery into the gameplay.

Color me totally impressed.


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