Little Miss Litty - The Pitch

The elevator pitch:

Little Miss Litty is the story of a schoolteacher who discovers that one of her children is being haunted by a demon. In an effort to save her, she ends up burning down a classroom full of children - and then, the demon latches onto her.

So what now?

I'm working on wrapping up the rewrites on the screenplay. I've identified about 10 extra pages I need to add to the script... possibly 15. (I know... it's weird, but I have a tendency of writing short... So it's too tight, and needs a bit of padding - and missing pieces added back in... I try to err on the side of assuming that my audience can read my mind... I just took it a wee bit too far this time.).

I'm officially looking for representation at this point. I need an agent who can push this to the right people.

This puppy is officially for sale :D This is page 2, by the way...

What else?

Well, if I have my druthers, I'd get it in the hands of Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Cypher), or James Wan (Saw, Death Sentence). Somehow I can see David Hewlett playing Miles, and he's basically part of the package with Natali, so that's cool :)

Either way, time to get this puppy wrapped up, and into the hands of people who can do something with it.

If you'd like to be part of my read-through crew, or if you are an agent, or know a good one, please contact me at simon at popcorn films dot com.


Champagne Time!

The first draft of Little Miss Litty is now complete!

This calls for a drink ;-) Why don't you join me?

Strawberry and Champagne - Day 246

That's probably all I need to say. Two more drafts, and I should be done.

Current version comes in at 90 pages. I expect the final one to hit about 93/95. (There's a few bits and pieces that I put in really rough that need expanding once I get more eyes on it).


Photo credit: Strawberry & Champagne, by Velo Steve, used under Creative Commons license.

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Little Miss Litty...

... just hit the 80 pages point. I'm in the home stretch! (although I need to take another roll through my treatment and convert the end into something I can screenplayify).

And then, the glorious task that is 1st draft is done. It will then be time to get my readers' feedback, and print it out, and start getting medieval on its ass.

I have a 3 date maximum. Some people have a 3 date minimum, but to them I say "live a little!". Some writers will rewrite and polish until you can see your face in it, hitting hundreds of drafts. To them, I say "Push your children out of the nest!". Hah!

Good times :D

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We just announced the game we've been working on for what seems like... well... almost 4,000 years now :)

Welcome to Vegas - or our deliciously twisted parody version of it at least - in the new game coming soon from Midway and Surreal Software - THIS IS VEGAS.

Trailer here... Articles here...

We'll be up on IGN all week... check it OUT!

. . . . . . . . . .

German coverage is up online too... scanned from Play3 magazine


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