I’m not lazy – I’m just sleepy

There was a big debate on a videogame industry board I inhabit recently about night-owl vs. lark types (also known as chronotypes). This is a debate I’ve had with many people over the years, over and over again, and it typically takes this shape:

Why can’t you get to work at 10am? I:

  • Have no problem waking up at 4am every morning, fit as a fiddle… or…
  • Am a night-owl myself, and have trained myself to get up every morning – deal with it

… or many variations of the above.

So I did some research (and others did some research), and the upshot is that – as I expected – quite a large number of people in the video game industry are night owls if you do the right rigorous questionnaire and answer truthfully. Larger than the normal population by about 10%, in fact. And if you include the mostly night-owlish people with the extreme night-owls, that number goes up even higher.


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It’s Not Rocket Surgery–Managing Teams Across Disciplines and Under Pressure

(this is a local copy of the blog post It’s Not Rocket Surgery – Managing Teams Across Disciplines and Under Pressure – which you can find on #AltDevBlogADay)

Howdy folks;

First an apology – I’ve been meaning to write an entire series of follow up posts to my previous one on #AltDevBlogADay ($10,000 is the Magic Number), but I’ve not had the time – yet. I intend to fix that, so stay tuned.

In the mean time, I recently had the pleasure of presenting a talk at GDC 2012 in the Producer Boot Camp tutorials track on how to be a producer in the games industry. Well, that and the kinds of issues you’ll see as teams grow and evolve over time.

I’ve got the slides up online now, so even though you can’t hear my dulcet tones, you should be able to imagine Morgan Freeman narrating for you as you read the accompanying speaker notes. Except this should be a weird English/American Morgan Freeman, who isn’t half as sexy. (more...)

It's Not Rocket Surgery - the book

Idly musing here...

How many people would find an "It's not rocket surgery" book useful?

It'd be way extended from the talk, of course, and would have anecdotes from producers I've known and loved, and sections on hiring, firing, care and feeding of programmers, scheduling, pitching and more.


Announcing the Microsoft @ GDC App


So this is nice Smile My Windows Phone app just hit the Windows Phone Marketplace (you can find it in the marketplace under Microsoft @ GDC – or just click this link to install it directly on your phone). It’s a little app that gives you details on all of the conference sessions and talks that Microsoft are sponsoring, putting on, or otherwise giving at GDC this year. (more...)

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